Finding Music on MySpace

At 22 years old, I haven’t established my self as a sound expert on anything particular quite yet, but there are a few things I believe I have a strong knack for. Finding, listening, and sharing new music is a staple in my life.

I often take credit for many of my friends choices in music and favorite bands. Daily I’m sending messages with MySpace links, YouTube clips, and news articles regarding an artist to band. Having performed for many years of my childhood in dance classes, piano lesson, church musicals and choirs, jump rope and other sports teams (yes, jump rope team!), and high school theater, I know how good it feels to perform.

With that in mind, I want to help other people attain that feeling. The easiest way I know how to do that is by telling others about their music, art, talent, etc.

Normally, If I’m looking for today’s most popular and current music, I’ll venture over to MySpace. What I like about MySpace is that when you are on an artist’s page that you like,  you can normally find artists of similar style in their top friends list.

So, for example:
I discovered an artist named Tyler James last winter. I loved his music- it’s labled “indy/folk/pop” on MysSpace, but really, its awesome, raw and true music. After discovering him, I looked at his “top friends” on his MySpace page and found a lot of great artists with a similar style and sound.

Some new favorites I found from Tyler James’s page include:

Paper Route
Andy Davis
Katie Herzig
Erin McCarley

If you’re in the mood for some summer-y (embrace it, it’s almost over!) music, check out Jack Johnson
and his “top friends.” They bring some of the best drive-with-your-windows-down-sun-in-your-face
type of music.

Money Mark
Matt Costa
G. Love & the Special Sauce



One thought on “Finding Music on MySpace”

  1. Good finds!

    If you like Erin Mccartney, you should check out a singer-songwriter named Meiko – her MySpace page is – very cool stuff! her lyrics are really relatable and while she’s labeled as indie and folk, too, she’s not folky at all…

    Keep on searchin’!

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