Held Hostage by Gen Y

Having navigated myself through an internship at the worlds largest record label and currently one with the worlds largest live events promoter, I’ve come to learn the ins-and-outs of how interact with music industry Exec’s.
Some will kill you if you even look at them.
…well, not really. But you certainly learn quick who to avoid eye contact with, and who to ask for a recommendation, etc. 

I’ve noticed a funny dynamic between my generation and the older generation that primarily comprises many executive positions in the industry. Older exec’s often have to rely on us Gen Y’ers because of our savvy technology skills. 

Right now, I’m the VP’s assistant’s intern and I often fill in for my boss and play assistant  every so often when she’s out. The VP is definitely one of those guys you avoid eye contact with, don’t really talk to until he’s ready to talk to you, and make sure you don’t let his phone ring more than 3 times. He’s definitely intimidating, but nice. Above all however, he is very busy.

A few weeks ago I was being his assistant when I heard a frantic call from his office asking me to come look at his computer screen.


“My tool bar is broken!”


“It’s stuck! I don’t want to lose anything important!”

I stood there staring at his screen for a few seconds trying really hard
to figure out what was so dire. Then it caught my eye…


His taskbar had been moved to the right side of his screen and he couldn’t figure out how to move it back to its original position (see figure A).


“Oh, you just need to drag it back in place.”

He takes the mouse and fails miserably. I think he is so overcome with visions of the “blue screen of death” that he is really incapable of understanding how simple, “drag it back in place” really is.

I ask if I can use the mouse and show him. 

“Just like this”

…and I proceed to simply drag the taksbar back in place.

[cue brief and awkward silence]

“Oh…thanks.” he responds.

I think we’re both a little embarrassed for him. 

“Yep, sure thing,” I respond as I scurry out of his office, praying I can prevent any snickers from escaping my lips. 

Whew, all in a days work for this music industry intern.


One thought on “Held Hostage by Gen Y”

  1. Good job. You saved the day. Since you gave your boss a tip, I’ll share one with you.

    Tip: You’d probably get more blog readers if you increased/focused your tags (e.g. intern, windows, new job, mccain, etc…)

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