#FollowFriday is a great way to find new and inspiring people to follow on Twitter. You don’t always get an explanation as to why someone picks their #FollowFriday pick because of character limits on Twitter.

My #FollowFriday picks for Twitter include:


-he was one of the first people to follow me on Twitter
-he’s probably one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met
-founded this AWESOME site: http://goodness500.org/
-all around good guy


-he’s super excited about Social Media
-started Operation Follow on Twitter (#OpFollow) which raised awareness of all the military branches on Twitter
-he’s going to revitalize the way ARMY PAO’s communicate and interact on CORE


-she’s one of the most hilarious, sarcastic, and inappropriate people I’ve ever met= NEVER a dull moment around this girl
-we go way back, about 8 years!
-she’s done everything: Wedding planner, DC United Soccer team intern, super involved in high school and college and how she’s rocking
it out at the National Communication Association in DC


-this girl is the reason I’m into social media. She introduced me to Twitter!
-she’s going to have a masters degree from Emerson College in just about a month
-shes a creative and fashion savvy girl, always inspiring me


-hes leading the way in Army social media endeavors
-creates diagrams that make you go, “duh”
-helped create some awesome videos

There you have it, just a few people who’ve been inspiring me lately.
Feel free to follow them and follow me on Twitter.


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