Coldplay @ Nissan Pavilion 5/21/09

Last night I saw Coldplay in concert at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia. I interned with Live Nation-DC last summer in their booking office and my former boss is awesome and hooked me up with section 101 seats (read: OMG).

I’ve always wanted to see Coldplay live, it’s been a “something to do before I die,” and I was very happy to experience it with my awesome friend Sarah who enjoys their music just as much as I do (click the link, she blogged about our concert adventure too!).

Despite the fact that Chris Martin (lead singer, Coldplay) loves himself more than he should (read: outrageous ego), I couldn’t help but really like him! He said “Thank you” after every song, and really let the audience know that he appreciated our time, support and money (Ok, he didn’t say money, but lets be honest…).

He kept saying something that was a little odd: “This is our last time in Washington, D.C. for long time” or “I don’t know when we’ll be back here yet.” Are they going on a break? Are they breaking up? Does this mean, “don’t expect an album anytime soon”?


Nonetheless, the show was fantastic and I’m currently suffereing “Post Concert Depression- that sad feeling you feel after experiencing a great show, knowing you won’t experience that same moment again. Something I love about concerts is the audience/community aspect- You’re best friends with the stranger sitting next to you and everyone is a family. Ah, it’s a beautiful thing! Seriously, when the concert started EVERYONE was screaming and cheering, it was almost emotional- I literally said to Sarah, “I feel like I’m going to cry!!”

Anyways, the set list is below, the staging was awesome, and I couldn’t have imagined a better night.

-pictures after the jump-


Life In Technicolor
Violet Hill
In My Place
Glass Of Water
Cemeteries Of London
Fix You
Strawberry Swing
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)
Talk (techno version)
The Hardest Part (Chris piano)
Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental)
Viva La Vida
Green Eyes (acoustic)
Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic – Will vocals)
I’m A Believer (Neil Diamond Cover – acoustic)
Viva La Vida (remix interlude)
Lovers In Japan
Death And All His Friends
The Scientist
Life in Technicolor ii
The Escapist (outro)

Because our tix were free, we felt as though it was ok to purchase $16 frozen Margaritas:


Definitely delicious:

The moment the show started:

Butterfly confetti:

Sarah and I with the Butterfly confetti:
Year in Photos- May 2009

The stage during Strawberry Swing (my favorite song):

Bouncing yellow balloons filled with confetti during Yellow:
(side note: Sarah’s been waiting to see this happen for 9 years!
She heard about it in 9th grade after someone saw them in concert)

Final view of the stage:

This picture was taken by NDwas and it is awesome:
Keep on the road you're on.


8 thoughts on “Coldplay @ Nissan Pavilion 5/21/09”

  1. Hey! I was there at this show too! was googling for the setlist and came across your blog and realized, hey, I know her! great show- glad you enjoyed it too!

  2. @Moore- Another show very soon is indeed necessairy!

    @OhMyLaughter- Thanks! We try to have a good time wherever we go 🙂

    @adchick- Agreed. Awesome concert for sure.

    @Chris- Glad you came across my blog and found what you needed! Great to hear from you and hear you had a good time 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this!!! I had chance to see they performed last year at Verizon center in DC and loved it sooooo much. I had a same feeling that you have had : Post Concert Depression !!! (agreed with Moore that you have to go on to another concert !!!!)
    You were so lucky to be so close to them !!!! I really love Coldplay, and listen to their musics everyday!!! …BTW I really enjoyed reading your post : D

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