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Want a Job? Don’t say this in your next interview

“I don’t even know why I was called about this position”


Recently, I had the opportunity to co-interview a candidate for a position my company was looking to fill.

The candidate showed up 15 minutes early, was well dress and seemed personable. I wish I could say that it was the start of a very great interview, but I can’t. All twenty minutes of the interview were horribly awkward and disastrous.

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2009: No excuses or a 12 Step Plan

I’ve been working on a post for awhile about how hard it was for me to get my social media life into a routine amidst transitioning between an internship, a waitressing job, and finally a “real” job since graduating in May. 

Mainly, I was trying to write about how I haven’t been able to get myself into the swing of blogging regularly and how I was so overwhelmed with social media (despite the fact that I’m now a social media strategist and love my job). 

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Information Overload

“Today, ideas and discussions are broadcast not at a prescribed time on a specific channel via a single medium, but all the time, on millions of forums, discussion groups, blogs and social networks. And they occupy a growing piece of our consciousness, thanks to RSS feeds, Twitter messages, mailing list and newsletter subscriptions, instant messaging, e-mail and Web surfing. ”  Information Overload: Is it Time for a Data Diet? Computer World August 25, 2008

As a recent college graduate with a PR degree and some savvy experience in the Music Industry under my belt, I strive to stay informed of what’s taking place in my fields of interest, and in the world around me.

Like most, I have a daily routine in which I gather this information:

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