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2009: No excuses or a 12 Step Plan

I’ve been working on a post for awhile about how hard it was for me to get my social media life into a routine amidst transitioning between an internship, a waitressing job, and finally a “real” job since graduating in May. 

Mainly, I was trying to write about how I haven’t been able to get myself into the swing of blogging regularly and how I was so overwhelmed with social media (despite the fact that I’m now a social media strategist and love my job). 

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Held Hostage by Gen Y

Having navigated myself through an internship at the worlds largest record label and currently one with the worlds largest live events promoter, I’ve come to learn the ins-and-outs of how interact with music industry Exec’s.
Some will kill you if you even look at them.
…well, not really. But you certainly learn quick who to avoid eye contact with, and who to ask for a recommendation, etc. 

I’ve noticed a funny dynamic between my generation and the older generation that primarily comprises many executive positions in the industry. Older exec’s often have to rely on us Gen Y’ers because of our savvy technology skills. 

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