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Want a Job? Don’t say this in your next interview

“I don’t even know why I was called about this position”


Recently, I had the opportunity to co-interview a candidate for a position my company was looking to fill.

The candidate showed up 15 minutes early, was well dress and seemed personable. I wish I could say that it was the start of a very great interview, but I can’t. All twenty minutes of the interview were horribly awkward and disastrous.

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Spreading the “Good News” and Building the Church of Social Media

My good friend Emma was recently working at the AUSA (Association of the United States Army) annual meeting where she promoted the Army.mil site and shared with attendees how they are using social media to disseminate their message. In a recent conversation, she told me that the phrase “We’re just helping spread the good news about Twitter’s impact” kept coming out of her mouth; she had even managed to sign some attendees up for Twitter on the spot so that they could follow the Army’s updates (@USArmy).

Spreading the good news. If you’re familiar with Christianity, the Bible commonly refers to “Good News” as the message of Jesus Christ. Followers were and are still instructed to share with others this Good News because it is important for life.

We can relate this idea to spreading the “good news” of Social Media. I’m a huge advocate for Twitter, blogging, and social media in general. I tell my friends to join Twitter all the time, especially those on the verge of graduation and those in the professional world. I was “converted” last spring by my friend Carla (and Twitter guru @carlastephanie ) of Life Before Noon. Since then, I’ve worked dutifully as a disciple to win over new converts (go with me on this analogy…).

Why is it so important that other people use Twitter, blog, and engage in social media? Personally, I believe it legitimizes those of us who actively engage in these activities. For example, if you come across a new band that you really like, you typically tell others about them in the hopes that they’ll tell other people and eventually, this band will be selling records and climbing the charts. They are only successful if people know about them and engage in their music.

Similarly, Twitter and social media becomes very important once people realize its necessity. Having been a skeptic before, I know that people out there think it is an unnecessary waste of time (I know I did at one point), but once I “saw the light” (so to speak), I wanted to tell everyone about it and how it can improve their lives or professions.

I was having coffee with my friend who is a graphic designer/photographer (check out his Flickr site) last week and I mentioned Twitter and my blog. He asked me why they were so important, why I was so into social media. I explained to him how social media has helped me begin to develop my personal brand, make valuable contacts, and has given me an outlet to learn new things.

A week later…he’s started a blog and is on Twitter (@DannyJackson). Send him some messages and congratulate him on joining the community of Social Media.

Do you think it is necessary to spread the “good news” of social media? Why?